My Hair Styling Portfolio

Hello and thank you for visiting my hair styling portfolio. Please make sure to pass by my hair styling services page to know about my credentials in the hairdressing industry. I am a hair salon owner who has been in this industry for over 27 years. After establishing 3 successful hair salons in Chile, I launched my own hairstyling consulting services and have consulted for several barbershops in Chile, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the United States.

Below you will find some examples of my works as part of my consulting services. These pictures were taken as part of my workshops to recreate several mens hairstyles that are part of the range of hairstyles that I specialize in. Please bear in mind that these pictures are copyrighted and I do not give authorization for them to be used elsewhere. Thank you.

Undercut hairstyle

The undercut hairstyle a a hairstyle that has been very popular in the United States. The clients who ask me for an undercut are males between the ages of 16 and 28, follow fashion trends and will not think twice about buying expensive premium pomades.

Without a doubt the undercut is my favorite haircut as it allows me plenty of creativity that the client tends to like. The key in the undercut is to get a good gradient between the top and sides. There isn’t much hairstyle information about the undercut although there is quite a bit on this mens hairstyles forum which covers how to do an undercut among the many other hairstyle guides posted by barbers and forum users. While that website covers a more informal haircut experience, I think the undercut hairstyle thread in that forum provide a reliable portrayal of what good undercut hairstyles should look like and how the undercut must be cut. I’m a big believer on the internet playing a crucial role on hairstyle trends so forums like the one above serve as the seeding hub for new hairstyles to be created and popularized.

As for myself with regards to the undercut hairstyle, my favorite styling of the top hair is with a slicked back style or side swept, although the client should normally tell me what his preferences are with regards to styling.

Here are some undercut hairstyle pictures from my works:

Undercut from the front

Undercut style with sid swept

Cool undercut with swept hair

Undercut hairstyle with side part

Razor haircuts

Razor haircuts are in fact performed with a t-outlining tool, making the part of the hair look as though it was shaved. Popular haircut among men 18 to 25.

razor haircut part

Razor part to the side

Razor haircut with taper

Slicked back hair with taper

A classic haircut that I am asked for by clients is the taper haircut with a slick back. In the taper, unlike the undercut, the hair must be decreased slowly but gradually until it meets the hairline. Mastering a good taper cut takes time and skill.

Here are some pictures of my slicked back hairstyles with taper. If you’re interested in doing some hairstyle reading, have a look at the previous forum’s slicked back hair guide for how to do a slick back style and what hair products to use. The hair product that I recommend as best for slicking back the hair is pomade. Especially the oil pomades and not the newer water pomades.

Slicked back hair with taper

Slicked back taper haircut

Regular taper haircut

As said, the taper drops in length slowly from the top of the head towards the hairline. There are plenty of tapers and lengths to choose from, and one can go to a bald taper where there is no hair left at the hairline; this is known as a fade haircut. The last picture is a fade haircut.

Taper haircut with side swept hair

Taper haircut with crew cut

Taper haircut for boy

Taper cut with side swept

Fade haircut to the hairline